How to Store Coffee Beans

No one wants to pour a cup of brewed coffee only to find that the beans are gone bad, right?  Well, if you’re looking for the best method to store them, you aren’t alone.  The main thing to remember is that coffee only has a shelf life of a certain amount, so make sure you are aware of that when you buy it.

In other words, unless you are working at a place where you provide coffee for your employees, don’t look into buying coffee in bulk.  You have to be smart about how your store it.  Here are some tips:

  • Get an airtight container
  • Find a cool, sunlight-free place for storage
  • Consider freezing the beans

You can store ground coffee the same amount of time as you can store bean coffee, but bean coffee is always the recommended kind as it offers a fresher cup.

Be aware of your timeline

As mentioned, make sure you don’t buy in huge amounts that will only go bad.  On that same note, make sure you don’t open the bag/jar, etc that you buy until you’re ready for it.  If it is vacuum sealed, leave it that way until you finish your old bag.  Once it’s open to the elements, there’s a clock ticking.

Store your coffee separately

Coffee will absorb scents and flavours that are around it, so make sure you keep each blend in a separate storage container.  Putting them in the same jar will result in a strange flavour concoction that will have you spitting it out.

Don’t worry about space saving when it comes to coffee.  This same rule goes for coffee that is older than another batch, too.

Consider freezing the beans

If you accidentally buy too much or are dumped with a large amount of coffee, try freezing it.  Make sure you tightly seal each bag so that no moisture can get in.  That being said, a freezer can only keep everything separate for so long, so keep that ever present timeline in mind.

You are looking for the best cup of coffee, so keep these important storage tips in mind, otherwise you’ll find yourself gagging and opting to go out for coffee instead.  Now that you know how to store it, better flavour is around the corner.  Can you taste it?


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