How to Roast Coffee Bean

Most people are prone to just heading to the market or the grocery store and buying a bag of beans to pop into the grinder and coffee maker for a fresh cup of joe.  This is a great idea, of course, but if you’re someone who’s into doing things yourself, then you may want to look into roasting coffee yourself.

This is a process that, while it takes some time to get used to, can really help make that cup of coffee more gratifying and safe.  You’ll know exactly what happens from the beginning of the process to the end and it will be a great one.  Here are the three steps:

  • Choose a roasting method
  • Choose the perfect coffee bean
  • Roast the coffee bean

The third step is the one that will take the most to get used to, but it will lead to a very rewarding treat and a flavour that you know you have created from the bean to the finished product. 

Choose a roasting method

Depending on how far you’re looking to get into this process, you can look at something like a household appliance that is just sitting around, or you can break out the piggy bank and go and get a professional grade coffee bean roaster.  It is your call.  Household products will work 90% as well as a professional product.  Examples are:

  • A hot air popcorn maker
  • Stove top roasting
  • Oven roasting

For beginners, the recommended method is an air popper or stove top roasting.  These allow you to keep an eye on the beans as they roast.

 Choose the perfect coffee bean

Green coffee beans can be hard to find in most mainstream stores.  If you are looking for a variety, consider looking at a sampler pack.  Many can be found online and will give you a chance to sample and explore the variety of flavours. 

Roast the coffee bean

Follow the instructions given with the coffee beans, but also look for the following phases that will help you determine when the coffee is done.  Make sure, when doing the stove top method, that you keep the beans as close to the burner as you can without burning them:

  • Colour change from yellow to green
  • Steam
  • First crack and first roasted stage
  • Caramelization
  • Second crack and darkening roast

These are just guidelines, of course, so you must make sure that you what you’re getting into as far as details go.  Each brand of coffee beans will be different.  Anything past the second crack will be drinkable, so experiment with different dark and medium roasts and find the right blend for you.

             Don’t forget to let the coffee cool and then sit for several hours after this process.   Once it is done the cooling process, put it in an air tight container for protection and freshness.

All of these steps will help you create the perfect cup of coffee from start to finish.  You’ll have plenty of time to experiment with different tastes and blends so that you can find the perfect combination that will create a delicious cup of coffee.  You’ll enjoy it more as you get used to it, and your coffee game will get better as you go.  Which brand will you choose?

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